Share Market is the only place and industry where one can run his business without spending anything to establish or to set up an organization. No need to spend for any reason if he chooses the stock market as an ideal place for doing/running his business.

Before entering into the market, one should learn about the Discipline, Patience and Determination (Decision making capacity). These three factors are the real successful mantras in the Share market. First of all, we must watch for a stock, wait for the stock to touch the lowest rate and initiate your buying. When you follow this kind of method you will never be losing your money under any circumstances.

We have seen several interviews given by the so called experts that they are always frightening the new comers stating that they should not do online trading straightaway and they must spend atleast six months to know what it is. But from our perspective, it is purely a misguiding approach because everyone is different and everyone's approach and point of view about the sharemarket is different by their personal experience in all respect . So what we will have to suggest them is to invest a small amount of money as capital to play in the initial stages to drive away the fearness, shyness and wrong decision making approaches and Impulsive trading methods. All these things could happen while playing in the market. But only way to repell these anti-improvement strategies could come through when you play with small margins.

We will illustrate the indicators and how it functions in the market. Let us discuss about all these trading strategies in this site and how to handle and do the trading in our market in the coming days.