There was a survey conducted worldwide by Americans especially for the period of 100 years (1896 - 1996) about the High Returns from the investments. As everyone is well aware that there are so many types of investment plans all over the world eg. Stock Markets, Debentures, Gold Government Bonds and Treasury Bills likewise. Investments in the Share Market and Debentures have given high level yieldings than all others.


Everyone can not shine in all the business. Everyone is differed by their perspective and brilliant in various fields. In order to achieve in their own field, atmosphere is the main cause and their dedication to their work.

As far as Stock Market is concerned, it may not be suitable for everyone who is capable to invest in the market. They must know first what it is and then they will have to start learning about its movement and how it functions. Apart from all these things, they must understand who is involved in the market. What is their strength and ability?, What is their disability, When are they entering the market?, When are they planning to exit the market, Why are they making their exit? What will happen when they all exit from the market at a time? and finally What should we do during that point of time?.

Above asked questions may be looking very simple but if anyone finds the answer before they enter and invest in the market, there is no doubt that they will have all fortunes to become a millionaire. We should not buy any stock just like that. We must do research on a particular stock with the available materials as far as possible.